Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Jason and I had a pretty busy, but wonderful weekend!

Jason has ended his first week and Saturday shift at Adidas, which was quite the experience he will just have to share later! But, I have a story from Saturday I am sure you will all enjoy....

I rode to work with Jason on Saturday for some retail therapy while he worked. After he got off work, we walked to the car, unlocked it, and we stood at the trunk to show Jason everything I had bought. Our new car locks the doors when you open the trunk (a safety feature I am not to fond of). Well, we shut the trunk and could not find the key to the car anywhere and of course all the doors had locked!! So, we called Jason's parents to drive the 30 minutes to pick us up thinking that we locked the key in the trunk. We went to eat at Chipotle while we waited, but to our surprise when we went to sit down, I sat on the key in my back pocket!! I will say though, our key is an all in one key and remote that Jason wont let me put any other keys or key chains on! I also never use my pockets! :)
Saturday evening Jason and I were able to go to the Royals game vs. the Cincinnati Reds with Steve, Shauna, Kristen, Steve, and Aubrey. We had a great time, especially since they actually won! We enjoyed ballpark cotton candy, nachos, and chicken tenders & fries. It was so much fun watching Aubrey enjoy a Royals game for the first time. It was almost as if at points she was actually watching the game when she would stare at the field and nothing could come close to breaking her attention. After the game we went to Shauna and Steve's for some Dr. Pepper and chocolate almond ice cream floats, an invention by Steve, which was pretty delicious! I would highly recommend them!
Now it is back to another work week, Jason working Monday through Friday and me working Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night.
Have a wonderful week!