Sunday, April 14, 2013

Us Around the Web

Here are a few links where you can find us!

I absolutely adore this company! They have such wonderful quality, stylish, and functional nursing wear for mama's. I was very excited to extend my wardrobe with their product :)

We were very excited when a blogger friend approached us interested in featuring Claire's birthday party on Disney Baby! Of course we agreed and were thrilled with the results.  Be sure follow the links below the slide show to see more of Lacy's work- she is wonderful! 

Lastly, we (finally) uploaded some new videos Claire to our YouTube page! Check out what our busy little lady is up to these days :)

Here is one of the new videos of her playing in the rain! We are soooo very excited spring is here and can't wait to share all of our plans and projects.



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  1. Love the disney baby feature! The videos are adorable : )