Monday, July 18, 2011


This July started with a bang (ha!) as we enjoyed spending a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. We had a bonfire/weenie roast/fireworks show on Sunday night with my Dad and siblings, followed by spending the morning of the fourth at the waterpark. A new favorite spot of ours that has been less than two blocks from our house for years! We spent the evening of the fourth with Kent/Redd clan enjoying some wonderful BBQ, fireworks on the Square, and an assortment of fireworks of our own back at home.

Jason and I went to our second prenatal visit on the 13th. We had the most amazing experience hearing our sweet little babies heartbeat for the first time! Even our (flat affect) Doctor was genuinely surprised with how quickly she was able to locate the heartbeat and the steady strength at which it was thumping away :) While there, we scheduled our 15 week appointment and our 21 week ultrasound, during which we will be able to find out gender (and visualize anatomy-the most important thing to a NICU nurse!) We (mostly I) decided to celebrate this wonderful event with a DQ icecream cake :)

On another note, over this last week wardrobe has increasingly become an issue (nothing to do with the aforementioned cake)- my "fat" pants are now even a little snug! I have been quite surprised how quickly my true baby bump (no longer just baby bloat) has begun to take shape. Hello belly bands, you are my new best friend!

Jason and I have also spent a good part of this month re-booking and planning for our babymoon! We have chose to spend a week in Key West during early August. We are flying directly there and spending the week in a beautiful little bed and breakfast, with plenty of site seeing, boating, snorkeling, and even a sunset flight in the plans. We lucked out and will just so happen to be there during Lobster Fest! We are so excited and can't for our last vaca just the two of us :)

We are very much looking forward to an August full of vacation, family, and and a much needed break from work/school!

Jason and Crystal