Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pictures and Videos!

Finally, I have found some time to post some pictures and videos of Claire from this month.  They are full of her new found voice and smiles :)

For pictures, here are links to albums currently on facebook.  For some reason they won't work as active links, but will work if you copy and paste into your browser.

Here is album full of pictures from Mother's Day and family get togethers.

Here is the full album of three month photo shoot

And now for all the videos:

Claire enjoying her mobile

Claire telling me stories on Mother's Day morning

One of our favorites of Claire chatting :)

Claire startling to Dad's silly noises

Claire watching cartoons


Jason, Crystal, and Claire

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Claire is 3 Months Old!

It is official, we have reached the three month milestone! It is such a bittersweet point in our journey with Claire- on one side I am so excited to see Claire's personality and personal feats grow daily, but it also means big changes for me as I head back to work.

First, the positive!

Claire is getting so big- with the "step on the scale with baby" method, Claire is weighing in at around 11 pounds.  She is now officially fitting decently into her 3 month wardrobe (almost too decently) and the newborn clothes are packed away (there were no tears involved in that packing. ha!).  Her hair and eyelashes are also coming in very nicely, as well. In fact, I am quite jealous of her abundant eyelashes :) It is amazing to see the difference in her sweet little hands and feet, which can now wear newborn size shoes!

Socially, she loves to smile and talk, almost half as much as listen, but only when she feels like it.  If you want a smile, you had better plan on working for it! I think this a direct result of having Jason as a father- he is just way too entertaining :) Otherwise, she will always smile at the T.V., when she first wakes in the morning, or (surprisingly) when you change her diaper- it is as though she is thanking us for a clean tush.  Her changing table is also where we have some of our best "conversations".  Claire is a huge fan of the television! She will relax in her rock n' play to watch intently and chat at it as though the characters are speaking to her. Her favorite these days is the Backyardigans.... I give Jason full credit for her loving television!

Then the negative...

I am officially back to work.  The work isn't so bad, it is the leaving Claire that has led to few to many tears :( I do feel as though I look at patient situations much differently- especially ethical dilemma/quality of life issues. Honestly, I fared much better the first weekend than the second, but maybe that had more to do with her mixed temperament when I am gone.  Jason and Claire have a great time playing and doing things their way without having Mom hovering :) The only downfall during their bonding time- Claire refuses to eat when I am gone! She would rather starve than latch onto the plastic foreign object intruding her mouth.  Jason has resorted to feeding her with a medicine dropper or just spraying the bottle into her mouth. I hope for both of their sake she gets it all figured out. I am just so blessed and thankful to have a job where I can support our family and only be away two days a wee. I could imagine working full time right now and missing out on the joy of waking up to spend every week day with Claire.

Claire is calling my name for playtime and a much needed diaper change, so it looks as though pictures will be on separate blog post. I will (hopefully) get that done today :)

Jason, Crystal, and Claire