Thursday, August 26, 2010

As of Late

Wow- I truly cannot believe that July and August have nearly come and gone! This summer, as quickly as it has flown by, has been a great one.

June brought on much time spent with family. We celebrated my Mother's recent marriage with a beautiful lakeside reception at a vineyard. We were able to treasure a few weeks spent David after he returned from his mission before he traveled to Tennessee for summer work. July brought on Square Pizza lunch dates with Kristen, Aubrey, Asher, and Dad. Also, Shandi's graduation and her beginning her first steps into the "real world". Jason and I will be able to watch these first steps up close and personal as she has made the official move into "her own space" in our basement. We have also been blessed with the assistance of Dad to complete some lingering house projects which I never thought would be complete.

There have also been some great events this summer. We were able to attend a Royal's game before David left with Steve and Aubrey. They were great lower level seats gifted to the family. Jason and I were able to attend a Michael Buble concert for the first time, which only made my fanatic stance regarding him grow deeper. We were able to sneak off for a St. Louis getaway which included my first venture to the top of the Arch followed by a run to the car in rain that caused flooding in the city, the free zoo, Six Flags amusement and water parks, Science Center, dinner with friends at the Cheesecake Factory, and, to top it off, a visit to City Museum, the largest adult friendly "play ground" we've ever seen. In August, I was lucky enough to win tickets to a meet and greet/lunch with Sara Bareilles. It was so great to hear her sing live,even better, just 5 feet from us. She has an amazing voice and tops it off with an amazing personality.

Other wise, there have been many professional changes for both of us. Jason has been getting by without full management staff as his assistant manager has relocated to another state. He luckily survived and actually saw great increase in sales during the back to school madness. All of his hard work is paying off as he was surprised with his largest bonus check yet at Adidas. He is also getting back to a full staff as he has spent much of the last two weeks in interviews. This will be great as we quickly approach the holiday season. For myself, I have officially experienced our ICN unit at max capacity this summer. We are officially a 60 bed unit with our patient population typically taking up approximately 75-85 hospital beds. Needless to say, our expansion to 80 beds just cant happen quick enough. I have also decided make another change in my employment status- I have accepted a night weekend option position. This means I will now only work Friday and Saturday nights, which comes along with a nearly 25% pay increase. That's right- work less, get paid more, how could I say no? This position was supposed to go into effect in December, but I was surprised with a phone call yesterday informing me it will actually take place in September.

For the near future, Jason and I are focusing on getting the house in order by completing projects and doing some much needed organizing. We are also looking forward to next planned getaway for this fall- a 10 day Southern Caribbean cruise to Samana, Tortola, Antigua, Dominica, Barbados, and St. Kitts. One last hoorah before we settle in for winter months and holidays full of family and friends :)