Saturday, April 17, 2010


I resorted to searching quote websites for a witty and clever quote about time to use as an excuse as to why I can never seem to find enough of it to actually write blog posts, but I had no such luck. In fact none of them I found actually worked in my favor. Here are few that I like quite a bit:

Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends.

Time is the cruelest teacher, first she gives the test, then teaches the lesson.

Time is but a handful of sand- the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers.

For disappearing acts, its is harder to beat what happens to the eight hours that are supposedly left after eight hours of work and eight hours of sleep.

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

This last quote hits close to home for us as of late. For the last year and a half Jason and I have gone a minimum of twelve days a month without seeing each other at all due to my required night scheduling and Jason's ever so unpredictable retail work schedule. I have truly come to love working night shift- it comes with great professional autonomy, the guarantee of few to no visitors, on site parking, and a wonderful shift pay differential. With that said, I have recently been offered the opportunity to transfer to working day shifts, which many of you know, I have chosen to accept. I truly feel as though I am starting a new job as the shifts are "as different as night and day"- (you can all thank Jason for my "punny" wording). But, with all things in life, I have to weigh the sacrifice versus benefit, and in the end my home and family life will always prevail and win. As many of the experienced nurses eloquently stated- Jason and I are one of those "lovey dovey" couples that actually still like each other and desire to spend time together. As much as I dislike the idea giving up the pay, working with all new staff, and catching a shuttle to work, I know I will be very happy with decision once I adjust.

Back to time being an issue, it is now 4am and tired has hit. I best be heading to bed so that I don't sleep away my Saturday. I vow now to to take some time, in the midst of my planned spring cleaning frenzy, to blog and update on the time lapse from my last post to this point.

Good night!


  1. I knew your schedules were crazy, but I didn't realize there were so many days that you guys missed each other altogether! I recently decided to leave management for the same reason...time with my family is more important.:)

  2. Yes, it as been a rough 16 months for us. I didn't know you did that- good for you!