Tuesday, October 4, 2011


September was a nice calm break from the fun filled/at times chaotic month of August. There was much sleeping in, procrastinating house projects, and dreaming of our sweet baby!

We started the month off with a great family get together at Kristen's and Steve's home in honor of Labor Day. It was great to spend the day relaxing with family, enjoying wonderful BBQ (my compliments to Chef David and Kristen), playing bocce ball/badmitten in the backyards evening shade, and spending time with David, Brittney, and Owen before they made their adventure back to Idaho for school. We also of course had to attend Santecaligon in true Independence, MO fashion :) We now know the booth set up for the most part and are able to make quick time of our visits by visiting our favorites: best kettle corn and funnel cake. We can never resist walking through the large craft tents, always thinking there is going to be something new that we can't resist. We again left with a solo bag of kettle corn :)

Other than my aforementioned procrastination and daydreaming, we filled our time with several date nights. As excited as we are to become a family of three, we are also trying to cram in all the things that will prove challenging with a baby. We ate Mongolian BBQ twice and have been going to the movies. Two which we highly recommend are Moneyball and The Help. In other "prepare to bid farewell to life as we know it" preparations, I have also resisted picking on Jason for his sleep pattern: stay up all night and sleep until noon (at least) everyday. I know these days are numbered for him :)

Jason has also spent this month playing on his first softball team! This is a Dodd family tradition that goes back to my childhood. I have such great memories of spending weekends covered in dust playing at the softball fields while my dad and uncles all played. Now, it is on to the next generation! On this team is my Dad, Brother David, Cousin Joey, and of course Jason mixed with a group of friends. They did great considering it was their first season playing together as a team. I am looking forward to spring softball and starting the tradition of bringing our little one to watch dad play :)

Finally, in the best news of the month, we had our ultrasound! We found out our wishes came true and we have been blessed with a baby GIRL! Beyond that, she is an incredibly active and healthy bundle of joy. The ultrasound tech took extra care knowing that I am a NICU nurse to show me every detail of her adorable anatomy and address all of my biggest fears. I can finally sleep peacefully :) We wasted no time in spoiling her, heading straight from our appointment to Buy Buy Baby to register and Babies R' Us to purchase her first outfits. That evening we had family over to enjoy Chinese carryout and homemade fortune cookies to reveal the exciting news!

Here are the rest of the pictures of dinner and to watch my belly grow:


We are beyond excited to now be able to dream of the life we plan to make as family with our sweet baby girl! Now on to distracting ourselves until her arrival with a fun-filled fall. October will bring baby showers for Shandi, birthdays, and Halloween fun :)


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